What Is the University of Hong Kong's Acceptance Rate?

Exploring Admissions at HKU

Located in the heart of Asia, The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is one of the region's foremost research institutions, internationally respected for its world-class academic standards but with a modern, cutting-edge, global focus. One of the key indicators for prospective students and parents of the prestige and selectivity of the university is its acceptance rate, but what is the acceptance rate at HKU?

Acceptance Rates and Trends Now

This is a thoroughly competitive acceptance rate, and reflects its status as an elite university. Right now the acceptance rate is around 10%. In Asia, this rate would actually make HKU among the most selective universities. An acceptance rate that low essentially reinforces the faculty's desire to recruit the best and brightest students.

Drivers for Disclosure

The competitiveness of HKU admissions arises from several reasons.

Scholastic Achievements: The University of Hong Kong gives heavy importance to the scholastic progress of the students. High school grades are extremely important when it comes to evaluating you as a student, as well as your standardized test scores in a school like the University of Michigan.

Holistic Admissions - In addition to academic records, HKU also considers extracurricular activities, leadership potential, personal statements, letters of recommendation etc. This full-rounded approach ensures we have a multicultural, well rounded student body.

HKU has international appeal: the number of HKU applications received from overseas students is far higher than for any other university in Hong Kong. Its global reputation attracts applicants from across the globe which enriches diversity and culture within the academic community of the university.

Effect of Lower Competitive Acceptance Rates

The other reason HKU has an acceptance rate almost as competitive as an Ivy League is also that their school has a long tradition of producing people who go on to influence Hong Kong and China — and the world. Size begins when they first step foot on the school Absolutely yes, when they enter college, chances are the men and women who go there are high achievers that have proven they can lead and create. This setting generates an engaging and high-pressure academic environment that encourages students to strive for academic success as well as fostering their critical and analytical skills.

Click here for a more comprehensive restatement of the University of Hong Kong acceptance rate, as well as advice on how to increase your chance of admission in this link.


The University of Hong Kong enjoys high reputation and high requirement for students to get in, which shows a fundamental guarantee on the academic abilities from candidates. This competitive environment positions HKU at the top of Asian universities, to showcase, at the earliest stage possible, the best and the brightest who will go on to serve the world in many different ways. HKU's high-seletive admissions should be taken a challenge for ambitious students to show their best at the application stage.

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