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      Will we need MES/MOM in Industry 4.0?

      ...practical approach to achieving the vision of Industry 4.0 would require MES. MES, centralized orchestration at its core, and Industry 4.0, a decentralized vision &...ore → Original:

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        6 Key Needs MES/MOM Will Drive for Industry 4.0

        ...blogs, MES/MOM will be even more critical in Industry 4.0, while the requirements i...ore → Original: By: Camstar MESPosted: J...

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          Manufacturing’s next act

          Industry 4.0 is more than just a flashy catchphrase. A confluence of trends and technologies promises to reshape the way things are made. Mention “Industry 4.0” to most manufacturing executives and you will raise eyebrows. If they’ve heard of it, they are likely confused about ...

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            Industry 4.0 for Medical Device Manufacturing

            There are a set of industries in manufacturing identified as the “innovation industries.” Medical Device manufacturing is one of those industries – highly regulated, with a quality imperative beyond most other segments.  Let’s look a little closer at the implications...

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