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      Bosch Connected World 2017 – Lessons From IoT Practitioners

      With Paul Miller In March 2017, Bosch hosted its annual internet-of-things (IoT) conference, Bosch Connected World (BCW), in Berlin. Since last year, the event has doubled in size, attracting 2,500 attendees from businesses and vendors. This jump reflects the growing interest in IoT. The number ...

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        LinUP: Business Innovation

        LinUp nasce da un’idea imprenditoriale semplice: costruire un sistema di Analisi e Diagnostica per migliorare in termini di tempi e costi le attività lavorative in qualsiasi contesto produttivo in cui sia previsto l’impiego di risorse umane e di strumenti di lavoro. L&rs...

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          Youbiquo: How Smart Glasses apply to Enterprises

          Youbiquo  is an Italian company that offers users see-through wearable displays. Our mission is to design and deliver  wearable computing devices to meet the growing needs of connectivity and information exchange for hands free highly specialized activities. Founded at the end of 2013 ...

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            Spinvector: Immersive Environments

            "Magic consists in working hard to let a dream become reality" We create different immersive environments by combining amazing 3D content with revolutionary technology. Experience augmented and virtual reality in new ways. See, hear, feel perceptual stimuli surrounding you. Embrace new ...

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              These are the 52 pre-selected startups to be accelerated at Bind 4.0

              A total of 257 startups from 41 countries have applied to Bind 4.0 and 52 of them have been pre-selected by the evaluation committee. They will have to pitch their Industry 4.0 projects to the 10 companies that will be signing up to €75,000 contracts with up to 10 of them within the accelera...

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                From concept to fruition – IIC testbeds bring IIoT solutions to the test track

                Over the past two and a half years, the members of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) have been enthusiastically and creatively building an ecosystem in which participants can find other key IoT industry contributors and create relationships. Here they solve the interoperability, security a...

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                  Eclipse Unide – Steps to understand industry devices

                  When going on vacation to a foreign country, I often learn a few words of the local language to get by. There’s no time or need to be fully fluent, but it’s useful to know a handful of simple phrases. There are these mini phrasebooks containing the basics (hello, I am hungry, etc.) an...

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                    Mobilize The Internet Of Things

                    Businesses can obtain major benefits -- including better customer experiences and operational excellence -- from the internet of things (IoT) by extracting insights from connected objects and delivering feature-rich connected products. The mobile mind shift requires businesses to proactively supp...

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                      The Next Decade Will Be About The Industrial Internet

                      Photo: Bergmann "The industrial companies that can bring together cloud, open source, and real-time process management with industrial product cycles will be the ones that will win in the digital transformation process." William Ruh, CEO for GE Digital At Mobile World Congress 2016, GE outlined s...

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                        How geo IoT can improve your business – Lessons learned from the market

                          In addition to presenting our Industry 4.0 solutions and a talk on lean production by Dr. Daniel Hug, Bosch Software Innovations also held a workshop at the Industry of Things World, held end of September in Berlin. At the workshop, we talked to participants about asset tracking and geo I...

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