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    • Discovery Industry 4.0

      The three challenges of IoT solution development

      The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way many companies do business . Traditional manufacturers are integrating their physical products with internet-based backend services, and internet companies are extending their offerings by integrating data from sensors and physical assets. New comp...

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      • Discovery Industry 4.0

        From concept to fruition – IIC testbeds bring IIoT solutions to the test track

        Over the past two and a half years, the members of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) have been enthusiastically and creatively building an ecosystem in which participants can find other key IoT industry contributors and create relationships. Here they solve the interoperability, security a...

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        • Discovery Industry 4.0

          Eclipse Unide – Steps to understand industry devices

          When going on vacation to a foreign country, I often learn a few words of the local language to get by. There’s no time or need to be fully fluent, but it’s useful to know a handful of simple phrases. There are these mini phrasebooks containing the basics (hello, I am hungry, etc.) an...

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          • Discovery Industry 4.0

            How geo IoT can improve your business – Lessons learned from the market

              In addition to presenting our Industry 4.0 solutions and a talk on lean production by Dr. Daniel Hug, Bosch Software Innovations also held a workshop at the Industry of Things World, held end of September in Berlin. At the workshop, we talked to participants about asset tracking and geo I...

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            • Connell Hale

              Important Identity Affirmation System And The Benefits

              In this electronic age, this is now expected that actually, the smallest of business start-ups involve some sort of online existence and, for that reason, a link with the global marketplace. The web technology, along with the ability of worldwide distribution, can make a global buyer foundation a...

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              • Connell Hale

                Points to note about martech integration

                You need not get worried yourself on marketing your own business when the hoosh technology is available to help you get them online. They employ the latest technology in launching your companies to sites that document a constant circulation of online site visitors. With them, you don't worry abou...

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