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      What is the impact of Industry 4.0 for system integration engineers?

      The Industry 4.0 report outlines how many jobs and tasks will change as a result of smart plant deployments and the convergence of IT and OT. For system integration engineers this convergence has the potential to impact them greatly, as they will need to expand their automation skills to be able ...

      Tags: Machine and Process Management, automation, cybersecurity, Industry 4.0, System Integrators

      • Discovery Industry 4.0

        How will Industry 4.0 create an increased need for continuing professional development for software and system integration engineers?

        The convergence of IT and OT at the plant floor level requires evolving tasks. This means that job roles need to change to encompass broader technical, organizational and social contexts, according to the report on Industry 4.0.  These changes will apply increased pressure on professions lik...

        Tags: Machine and Process Management, automation, Industry 4.0, System Integrators