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      Lean production meets Industry 4.0

      When lean production meets Industry 4.0 in practice, the one does not necessarily complement the other. Surprised? As software experts in the field of Industry 4.0, we were rather surprised by this realization when we took part in a lean production training. Why? When it comes to introducing Ind...

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        Lean meets Industry 4.0: Value stream thinking as denominator

        In my previous post I showed why lean production and Industry 4.0 don’t necessarily complement each other in practice, and explained the prerequisites to making them a powerful combination. This is possible only if Production systems have been suitably designed (“first process mat...

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          How geo IoT can improve your business – Lessons learned from the market

            In addition to presenting our Industry 4.0 solutions and a talk on lean production by Dr. Daniel Hug, Bosch Software Innovations also held a workshop at the Industry of Things World, held end of September in Berlin. At the workshop, we talked to participants about asset tracking and geo I...

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            Improving Business Performance with IIoT

            IIoT and Industrie 4.0 offer examples of new technologies that provide an opportunity to improve business performance for both owner-operators and OEMs: Plant owner-operators: Operational and business process improvements through removing waste and/or better work flow Original Equipment Manufactu...

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              Digital Oilfields Require an Ecosystem of Strong Technology Partners to Fully Leverage Power of IIoT

              For those that have been following this blog over the last year and a half you will know that we have been strong believers and proponents of the value that IIoT-enabled and advanced analytic solutions can provide upstream oil and gas companies. However, one of the greatest challenges that compan...

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                GE Digital Expands APM Coverage with Meridium

                On September 14th, GE Digital announced it acquired asset performance management (APM) software leader, Meridium, Inc. According to the press release, “this acquisition will help GE Digital accelerate its comprehensive APM offering and provide a solution that unifies real-time analytics wit...

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                  Renewable Energy Analytics Add Predictability

                  Forecasting can be a tricky business. That certainly can be said for gauging the growth of renewables. Those with a stake in the game continue to point to the ongoing under projections by agencies such as Energy Information Agency and International Energy Agency (IEA). Critics of the forecasts ha...

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