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      Siemens PLM: Ready to Move Manufacturers to the Digital Enterprise and Beyond

      Siemens PLM held its annual industry analyst event in Boston last week. We expected to hear a lot more about the Digital Enterprise and how Siemens PLM is going to provide its customers with the solutions and strategies to move manufacturers into the advanced manufacturing technology and processe...

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        Automation Systems Made of Things

        When General Electric publicized its vision for the business value of the Industrial Internet in this 2012 report, a key point was getting more value from assets that are “big things that spin”, such as GE’s canonical Industrial Internet target, aircraft engines. Being the OEM f...

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          IIoT Driving More Testbeds and Standards Body Collaboration in Manufacturing

          IIoT has proven to be a driving force in not only IT and OT collaboration, but also collaboration between various standards bodies as well as a multitude of both automation and enterprise suppliers. It seems that there is an endless flow of announcements of jointly developed testbeds and organiza...

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            Moving Beyond the Process Historian: IT Platforms Consume OT Data Entirely

            In the past, operating companies in the process industries viewed the separation of enterprise and plant floor systems as a challenging hurdle. Integrating ERP and real-time plant data has been expensive and difficult to maintain at best.  Often somewhat less-than-elegant middleware, ETL (ex...

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              Making a Mark in Augmented Reality

              I was pretty sure when I wrote a previous entry on this blog, Pokemon Go Reveals the World of Augmented Reality, that I would not be the only one making the link between the hugely popular smartphone app and an improved understanding and appreciation of augmented reality (AR) technology. As I sai...

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                For IIoT, a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words and More

                I love graphics that illustrate information clearly. I find good graphics, usually 3D, really help me to understand what is really going on and how things work very quickly. I prefer this method of learning over words, so I’m always looking for good diagrams and pictures that explain comple...

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                  For EDF Renewable Energy the SAP Systems Will Consume the OT Data

                  In my last blog “Moving Beyond the Process Historian: IT Platforms Consume OT Data Entirely”, I described the shift in how industrial organizations are thinking about platforms for big data and analytics. The article describes business perspective from an IT-OT data integration perspe...

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                    GE Digital Expands APM Coverage with Meridium

                    On September 14th, GE Digital announced it acquired asset performance management (APM) software leader, Meridium, Inc. According to the press release, “this acquisition will help GE Digital accelerate its comprehensive APM offering and provide a solution that unifies real-time analytics wit...

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