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      LinUP: Business Innovation

      ...questo scopo LinUp ha creato un sistema di analisi e diagnostica indossabile dall’operatore che si integra alle metodologie “Lean Manufacturing”. L’idea origina...


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        How to start a data analytics project in manufacturing

        The topic of data analytics is as much hyped as it is questioned – the spectrum of opinion ranges from “data as the new oil of the economy” to “analytics conclusions are not 100% reliable” and all the nuances in between. Each one is true in its own way. To help you b...

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          Industry 4.0 gaining momentum in Asia-Pacific

          Cyber-connected manufacturing systems – also known as Industry 4.0 – improve efficiency and optimize operations but also have the potential to change the way manufacturers and industrial companies run their business. Especially in Europe and North America, manufacturers are quite fami...

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