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    • Discovery Industry 4.0

      The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Upon Us

      ...nd information in a real-time process control and transactional information management environment. This Digital...fe cycle. Remote services for machines reduces maintenance cost and op...eserving the vital parts of a process based on its usage and environme...

      • Sutherland Robertson

        Why You Need Washing Machine Repair San Antonio TX Services

        Washing machine is one of the home devices that make your function ea...or washing, that is why washing machine is extremely important in eve...very important for your washing machine to be in good shape. If you d...that like repairing of washing machine...ou need the services of washing machine re...

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        • Myorganicsleep

          Australian Wool Comforter - Comforter King Size

          Experience the benefits of this 100% premium Australian Wool Comforter King Size, cover...manufactured with natural enzymes instead of harsh chemicals, allowing it to be machine wa...


          • Discovery Industry 4.0

            Augmented Operator Boosts Knowledge Automation

            In my previous blog, we identified industrial automation trends in the Digital Transformation to Industry 4.0, which comprises three pillars: Asset Performance, Augmented Operator and Smart Control. This time, we will look at the second pillar – Augmented Operator. Augmented Operator addre...

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            • Discovery Industry 4.0

              The Next Wave of IIoT-Related Business Improvements

              It’s become quite clear that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the future of Industry. By now we’ve well and truly covered the point that IIoT is, in fact, not hype. For end users and OEMs IIoT, cloud and big data analytics are creating very real business opportunities. IIo...

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