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      The three challenges of IoT solution development

      The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way many companies do business . Traditional manufacturers are integrating their physical products with internet-based backend services, and internet companies are extending their offerings by integrating data from sensors and physical assets. New comp...

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        Industry 4.0 and the IoT – market trends for the next years

        What will be the top trending topics over the coming years? This is a question frequently posed to consultants and analysts. They usually respond from a highly technology-centric perspective, citing specifically which new technologies can be expected and what these will do. Yet the change dynami...

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          Manufacturing analytics in action

          We’ve been using analytics to improve our production processes in the Bosch plants for many years. So what’s new in analytics in manufacturing, and what’s the next step? Learn more in our data analytics webinar Our methodology for the requirements analysis makes all the diffe...

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            Making a factory smart -7 criteria for manufacturing software

            Industry 4.0 is ushering in sweeping changes to manufacturing, making it transparent, highly dynamic, and flexible . The factory of the future operates autonomously: it can organize itself and its processes and solve any malfunctions or problems without the need for human intervention. The basis...

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              Building the smart factory is closer than you think

              The ongoing quest for increased efficiency and productivity is putting more and more pressure on operational and maintenance excellence. As is the need to feed fast growing businesses in new economies. This, along with the loss of experience due to an aging workforce and fewer operators actually ...

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                Hirisens, IoT for environment control made in the Basque Country

                Hirisens is a Basque startup that has developed an IoT box that controls data about pollution, noise or even the dryness of parks’ plants in order to water them. It’s already being used by several public and private organizations in Spain, Italy, Mexico and Argentina. Hirisens registe...

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                  Intel wants to power Industry 4.0

                  Better late than never. Intel is catching up with the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 revolutions, which it aims to power with its latest processors and even its competitors’. It’s partnering with ARM to build chips for connected objects and smartphones. And, on the industrial sid...

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                    Internet of Things and Le Tour

                    Le Tour de France is mainly about long bicycle rides and watching the daily race for the yellow jersey on TV, but there is an increasing interest in big data around this competition. South African company Dimension Data has installed connected GPS chips in all the race bicycles so that anyone can...

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                      What’s at the Center of the Industry 4.0 Roadmap?

                      Where do all the paths intersect for manufacturing?  You got it – production.  Where the virtual becomes physical, and proceeds to its intended use.  Modern MES/MOM in Industry 4.0 is the platform that creates the context and aggregates the data …  Learn more ...

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                        From concept to fruition – IIC testbeds bring IIoT solutions to the test track

                        Over the past two and a half years, the members of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) have been enthusiastically and creatively building an ecosystem in which participants can find other key IoT industry contributors and create relationships. Here they solve the interoperability, security a...

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