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      Automation Systems Made of Things

      When General Electric publicized its vision for the business value of the Industrial Internet in this 2012 report, a key point was getting more value from assets that are “big things that spin”, such as GE’s canonical Industrial Internet target, aircraft engines. Being the OEM f...

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        IIoT Driving More Testbeds and Standards Body Collaboration in Manufacturing

        IIoT has proven to be a driving force in not only IT and OT collaboration, but also collaboration between various standards bodies as well as a multitude of both automation and enterprise suppliers. It seems that there is an endless flow of announcements of jointly developed testbeds and organiza...

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          Cats and Dogs Living Together…

          Sometimes it makes sense for industrial suppliers to use an existing technology in their product or solution offerings, even if it comes from a competitor.  For example, Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) recently announced that Emerson Process Management  selected its Mat...

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            Making a Mark in Augmented Reality

            I was pretty sure when I wrote a previous entry on this blog, Pokemon Go Reveals the World of Augmented Reality, that I would not be the only one making the link between the hugely popular smartphone app and an improved understanding and appreciation of augmented reality (AR) technology. As I sai...

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              Cloud Takes the Stage at Oracle Open World

              As Expected, Cloud Dominates Oracle Open World once again took over Moscone Center in San Francisco for a week, and cloud discussion dominated. Right off the bat, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Oracle Larry Ellison used a keynote address to dial up the competitive volume for winning more c...

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                For IIoT, a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words and More

                I love graphics that illustrate information clearly. I find good graphics, usually 3D, really help me to understand what is really going on and how things work very quickly. I prefer this method of learning over words, so I’m always looking for good diagrams and pictures that explain comple...

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                  Researchers Push to Establish the Internet of Sharks

                  I recently spent a day aboard the M/V OCEARCH, a 126’ Cat-powered vessel equipped with a 75,000 lb. hydraulic research platform, which serves as both mother ship and at-sea laboratory for OCEARCH and its collaborating scientists.  The purpose of the expedition was to collect data to bu...

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                    IIoT in Oil and Gas: The Real Power It Can Provide

                    ARC had the opportunity to attend the 2nd IoT in Oil and Gas event held in Houston a few weeks ago and was treated to a plethora of great presentations and IIoT related companies exhibiting some of their innovative solutions that can, and are, impacting oil & gas operations for the better. Th...

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