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      Renewable Energy Analytics Add Predictability

      Forecasting can be a tricky business. That certainly ca...makers rely […] The post Renewable Energy Analytics Add Predictability appeared f...Original:

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        Manufacturing analytics in action

        ...blem-solving approaches. But data analytics can deliver a wealth of furth...lows us to focus on the right data sources so we can leverage the full power of data analytics.   Spending time on possible to clearly trace data back to its origin (e.g. using uni...

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          How to start a data analytics project in manufacturing

          The topic of data analytics is as much hyped as it is questioned – the spectrum of opinion ranges from “data as the new oil of the economy” to “analytics conclusions are not 100% reliable” and all the nuances in between. Each one is true in its own way. To help you b...

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            Lean production meets Industry 4.0

            When lean production meets Industry 4.0 in practice, the one does not necessarily complement the other. Surprised? As software experts in the field of Industry 4.0, we were rather surprised by this realization when we took part in a lean production training. Why? When it comes to introducing Ind...

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