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      Improving Business Performance with IIoT

      IIoT and Industrie 4.0 offer examples of new technologies that provide an opportunity to improve business performance for both owner-operators an...Plant owner-operators: Operational and business process improvements through...evenue by extending the company’s busine...

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        Manufacturing analytics in action

        ...e customer’s problem from a business perspective. Even more impor...lytics.   Spending time on business understanding pays off In th...ance & support for predictive models once the project is over Is...raining and monitoring predictive models. Next level: standardized to...

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          LinUP: Business Innovation

          LinUp nasce da un’idea imprenditoriale semplice: costruire un sistema di Analisi e Diagnostica per migliorare in termini di tempi e costi le attività l...


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            Industry 4.0 gaining momentum in Asia-Pacific

            Cyber-connected manufacturing systems – also known as Industry 4.0 – improve efficiency and optimize operations but also have the potential to change the way manufacturers and industrial companies run their business. Especially in Europe and North America, manufacturers are quite fami...

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              How SMEs profit from data monitoring in the cloud

              Every factory wants to identify and classify latent issues in the manufacturing process before they can cause actual problems in the production flow. Generally, big companies already possess this capability, or at least have plans to acquire it. For SMEs, however, it often poses an insurmountable...

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