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      Condition Monitoring Systems Avoid Damage and Increase Asset Availability

      In most cases, a sequence of warning signals will precede a machine malfunction or failure. These signs, such as excessive vibration, can start appearing weeks before the machine actually fails. A condition monitoring system provides an early detection system to read such signals, empowering user...

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        Improving Business Performance with IIoT

        IIoT and Industrie 4.0 offer examples of new technologies that provide an opportunity to improve business performance for both owner-operators and OEMs: Plant owner-operators: Operational and business process improvements through removing waste and/or better work flow Original Equipment Manufactu...

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          GE Digital Expands APM Coverage with Meridium

          On September 14th, GE Digital announced it acquired asset performance management (APM) software leader, Meridium, Inc. According to the press release, “this acquisition will help GE Digital accelerate its comprehensive APM offering and provide a solution that unifies real-time analytics wit...

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            Renewable Energy Analytics Add Predictability

            Forecasting can be a tricky business. That certainly can be said for gauging the growth of renewables. Those with a stake in the game continue to point to the ongoing under projections by agencies such as Energy Information Agency and International Energy Agency (IEA). Critics of the forecasts ha...

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