How To Be A Hero - Why Do We Love Heroes So Much?

    Manning Whitney
    By Manning Whitney

    Why is it that we enjoy Heroes so much? Why do we watch films and read books and listen to tales of people who overcome difficult situations? Who step in the battle and fight valiantly? Who face their fears and exhibit courage, even if the odds are against them?
    Because that is that we aspire to be.
    Joseph Campbell outlined a frequent story that is followed closely by heroes from ancient mythological tales through modern day films. He also called it"The Hero's Journey." He believed that, not just are humans drawn to this narrative, but that all of us possess the capability to live it.

    Allow me to introduce you.
    He had been a powerful thought leader and writer who wrote many novels.
    There's a movie, Finding Joe, that investigates Campbell's ideas about the Hero's Journey. acting scripts plays skits heroes superheroes suggest it! It includes modern day philosophers, religious leaders and writers like Deepak Chopra and Ken Robinson in addition to musicians, professional athletes, and even my old manager from the Foundation.

    The Hero's Journey

    In the movie, writer Alen Cohen says"We are not different from the figures we see in our stories and in our books. They are us. It is one journey."
    The hero's journey is defined by a few important elements. To begin with, there's a separation and a call to experience. On the wayhe experiences challenges and temptations, and he should face death (either physically or metaphorically). It is by overcoming that experience that they are reborn and changed. Then they've earned the name of"Hero."
    There are entire books written about this, so I'm summarizing here. But the point is that the story line is the same, although the details could be dramatically different.
    The Creative And Entrepreneurial Call
    There are lots of different"calls to experience" that can jump start a hero's journey. And we can experience it repeatedly in a life. From the film, some of the instigators were physical challenges such as a loony skateboarding trick. Occasionally they're thrust upon you, like a severe medical illness or tragic experience. There can be geographical separation, like moving to a different place, country or culture.