Which Exactly Are Proxy Servers and What Are They Used For?

There are lots of ways to stay anonymous on the internet but one of the most common is by using what are known as proxy servers.

What this Visit Your URL basically means is that when the web server receives the request it looks like it has come in the proxy host, so as far as it's concerned you have not visited the website. There are different types of proxies but the main ones are:

These don't identify you to the server and so keep you anonymous. They can be divided up into two sub groups - elite and concealed. A elite will not differentiate itself as a proxy server to the end machine. A disguised on the other hand will probably hand over sufficient information for your end machine to realize it is a proxy server, however it won't give your IP address and therefore your privacy is intact.

Concerning privacy there are some additional considerations to make. Firstly there are many different areas to acquire your proxies out of. You can acquire public ones that anybody can use or you could use private ones which will cost you. Unless you're 100% convinced of this source that's hosting the proxy you can never be too certain whether they are amassing logs and if they're, well your privacy is not so private after all!

This is why if you want to have peace of mind along with suitable privacy you should receive your proxy servers from a reputable business and ensure that in their terms and conditions that they state they don't accumulate log files. Many not so legitimate business will harvest their proxy server from botnet infested machines and although this may mean you don't need to worry about any logs being accumulated, it also means that you're financing a prospective crime syndicate online that specialize in earning money from selling infects machines!

Not everybody would like to Click This Link use a proxy server to be anonymous though and you will that a good deal of people want to have the ability to browse sites in the office which are blocked by their web filter. These proxies are essentially websites which allow you to browse to other websites, providing the site itself that hosts the proxy is not blocked you ought to have complete access to any site!