Who Makes the Best Pool Cue? Tough Issue Isn't It?

    Essie Piedra
    By Essie Piedra

    Here in Southern Colorado, many people feel that a Kikel is the best pool cue. These are made by a local participant named Dave Kikel.I discovered a page on line while searching for Kikel Cues that was an article written by a person in Ohio and they had some good things to say about the Kikel Pool Cues. This is a bit of a trick question. It's tough to pick only 1 pool cue as being the you can look here best. If you hunt for pool cues or billiards cue sticks on Google or your favourite search engines, then you will come up with many different cue makers. With all of these options how can anybody pick the best?

    I think a good deal of the selection will be dependent on the individual. I've owned over half a dozen pool cues from different cue manufacturers. There are those I enjoy and there have been a few that I don't like much whatsoever. I have a tendency to favor a signal that is a bit more than the normal 58 inches and that I favor the burden to be between 18 and 20 ounces. I don't enjoy a delicate sounding hit. I prefer a solid hit. I typically stick with a good shat about 13 MM in proportion.

    I have a Meucci with two shafts. One shaft is a normal length shaft and the other one is a couple inches longer as you will discover common to snooker. I have had this Meucci Pool Cue for over 20 decades. There was an old man in the city who used to substitute mu cue tips. Through the years that turned my bottoms into 10 or 11 millimeters in proportion.

    I discovered that you can really twist the ball with a lanky shaft like that and I came to enjoy shooting with the more compact shaft. Nowadays I play a Joss pool cue butt and the shaft is habit angry by Gibson, a local cue maker. Please feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment about where you are what billiards cue stick you prefer to play with and what you feel about who makes the best pool cue.

    If you are trying to find out who makes the best pool cue, I'd recommend you start trying out different cues for the one that you go to website like best. You'll come across lots of items out in your own testing. You will decide on which works best for you personally.