The Way to Mink Your Hair With Blonde Extensions

Just in case you're wondering, minking is when you put light-colored extensions such as blonde beneath your dark hair or dim under blonde. It's been around since the 80's, and today it's more popular than ever before. Back in the 80's, people would usually dye their hair to achieve this look. These days most people simply use clip-in hair extensions. This permits you the flexibility to fanola shampoo and mask switch back and forth between looks as frequently as you like without damaging your own hair with harsh chemicals that are included in dyes.

That is a broad overview of minking, but exactly how can you get this look? I will assume you have dark hair. If your hair is blonde, you simply have to substitute the light-colored extensions with dark-colored extensions.

You begin by buying an excellent set of clip-in extensions that are a lot lighter in color than your normal hair. Blond extensions work best with this application. If you should choose extensions which are only a few shades lighter than your hair, it may look as if you made a mistake in judgment. People will just think you had difficulty with fitting your hair colour. It is important that there is a lot of contrast between the two colors. You want it to be clear that your hair is minked.

Now that you have your extensions of selection, you will have to make several trainings. You will need a large banana clip to hold your hair as you put each weft in. You will also want a comb to divide your hair. Having some hairspray useful is a fantastic idea also, because you will want to tease the roots of your hair and/or spray hairspray where every weft is to be put.

It is ideal to fanola no orange design your extensions before clipping them . Before applying heat, you will want to use a heat protection spray on them. This will reduce damage caused over time as a consequence of heating actual hairloss. Don't even consider applying heat to synthetic hair. It will meltdown.