Burton for children

"Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" is one of the hottest prime minister this autumn. Adaptation crazy fantasy novels written by Ransom Riggs in the hands of the master himself, combining unconventional film genres, Tim Burton? It's could not go wrong. The result of the above, call like beautiful, ripe fruit with a sweet taste, but with a distinct hint of bitterness at the end of the tongue.

Intrigued? (Anti) hero we needed I invite you to read the following text. Eva Green Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Jake is closely associated with his grandfather boy who believes in magical creatures and unreal things, at least as it was in childhood. Today, it stands out from its surroundings, bright boy who did not fit into their own company. When a hero is witnessing the death of his beloved grandfather, with whom he spent the most beautiful moments in childhood is strongly podłamuje, but the last confession of a relative re-ignites in him long life extinguished by the flame of hope and faith in inexplicable phenomenon. Jake, therefore, decides to go to the place mentioned by him in the final moments of the life of Abe. branch closed Does the word grandfather was not just a fairy tale for small children, but the truth itself? Forward tiger, it's time to meet your destiny ... Georgia Pemberton, Asa Butterfield, Eva Green Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation Tim Burton again enchants on the screen, but this time his magic, though still perceptible, descends somewhat into the background, giving way to familial shell spiked with elements of comedy. Master's hand can be seen primarily in the creation of the world, which is a clever combination of darkness with almost pastel colors and shades of gray. Buddies to beat On the one hand we have a scene reminiscent of the best dark fantasy (to help in this aspect, among others,

disgusting creatures, the sight of which the younger audience zjeży the hair on the head), on the other fragments removed from the beautiful fairy tale, and the third raw seaside village cadres.

It's a great sense of aesthetics combined with mixing different, sometimes not necessarily fit together styles, once again goes Burton masterfully - the effect simply breathtaking.

There were also non-specific item creators of horror - waiting for you a few surprises like taken out of a horror movie, which will ensure a pleasant thrill - and fun in the form of conventions śmigających the screen dolls and skeletons reminiscent of old school paintings from the 70s or 80s, including the payment of nadmienionego species.

You remember the "Frankenweenie"? You can see further Burton loves to play with puppets, as indeed it goes really phenomenal.

On the tax also deserves highlighting music contributing to the construction of the dark halo of the work and excellent track team leader of Florence and the Machine Fri. "That Wish You Were Here" - a real rarity.

Georgia Pemberton, Thomas Odwell, Raffiella Chapman, Asa Butterfield, Eva Green, Lauren McCrostie Milo Parker, Joseph Odwell, Pixie Davies Hayden Keeler-Stone, Ella Purnell, Finlay MacMillan Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation This, however, ends burtonowska magic, because the audience the story is basically a fantasy adventure tale in which good always wins, and a brave hero, in this case a little withdrawn and dreamy boy, at the end wins the coveted love.

Schematically and predictably, but certainly skillfully and well made. Unfortunately this is not the only defects which can be attributed scenario spectacle. Sam announces the beginning of a full feature story twists, but it soon becomes clear that the story is not very attenuated extension and practically focused on one thread - the knowledge of their heritage by Jake and dorośnięciu hero to his destination. Of course, approaching the final show, the creators are trying to complicate the story a little, in order to surprise moviegoers, but only introduce unnecessary confusion. Viewers not having the opportunity to see a paper prototype can be immediately lost in the question of the timing loop, because the initial explanation is complex and poorly understood, but in the end everything becomes clear and the back straight. I must admit that the story is very well told, first of all do not get bored and feel the atmosphere of a great adventure, but I expected something more, just more momentum.

Asa Butterfield, Ella Purnell Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation Therefore, despite its undeniable faults, the story has a special charm that is so magical and captivating that unwittingly surrender to him. Production is characterized by a pretty good pace of action on the screen all the time something happens, and since the visit Mrs. Peregrine descendant of the creator Abe strongly urge the gas pedal, making the final twenty minutes the work is full of action and special effects spectacle, where filmmakers pop