Cleanse America cleanse!

"The night cleaning" with Ethan Hawk and Lena Headey in the main roles was one of the most surprising box office success of 2013.

The film created for 3 million dollars racked up worldwide, totaling nearly thirty times greater, while being really pretty good picture. When a year later he entered the cinema "Night of purification: Anarchy," most people - including myself - expected to jump on the usual cash. Another cast, again not high budget or could it go? And they succeeded. Sequel was a film that moved the audience into a completely different area - on American streets. To share new characters introduced, led by Leo Barnes, very well odegranym by Frank Grillo. The same, which you can associate with crossbones role of "Captain America: War heroes", or several smaller supporting roles. Moving us in the middle of the action was to look no further, so it was decided to repeat this procedure also in the "Time of choice". So here again we come to the streets of one of the American cities, particularly Washington. Elizabeth Mitchell, Frank Grillo Universal Pictures From the events of the second part two years passed. The same as the abandonment of revenge by the aforementioned Leo Barnes. Today, the hero wearing a incredible weight and pain of losing a son is chief of security Sen. Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell), who is applying for the position of President of the United States. There would be nothing special if not for the fact that Roan is the biggest opponent of the annual rite of purification of the Night.

This carries unprecedented danger from its rivals, which, as you probably guessed, they decide to use fraudulently. The founding fathers are in fact plans to eliminate Senator Roan. Do they succeed, of course, I should not betray. I can not guarantee you that the characters often fall into serious trouble. Elizabeth Mitchell, Frank Grillo, Betty Gabriel, Mykelti Williamson, Joseph Julian Soria Universal Pictures purification Night: A Time of Decision (2016) "Time of choice" is built on the same scheme as "Anarchy." Again Leo and wander the streets of the city, get to know other heroes again and again with them trying to escape with his life. This time I have the impression that the characters fringe have had more charisma and more to prove. No longer a background for the actions of the main character and are no longer only the trigger for further events. They become full-fledged characters who have their own opinions, proper charisma and a lot to prove.

On the way they meet many obstacles, whether from the ordinary of Purification, or a group of trained mercenaries. During the session - though it does not sound trite - they just care about their fate.

Brittany Mirabile Universal Pictures Gary Roscoe, Michael Steven Swanson Universal Pictures Universal Pictures picture written and directed by James DeMonaco a terrifying vision of the future. A future in which the Americans have gone a step too far, giving everyone the opportunity to murder with impunity. Beautiful cat among ravenous wolves Here comes to a situation in which the wife shot her husband because it acts on her nerves.

Gets rid of the spoiled daughter of his parents under any pretext. An American in Paris Is this going to our civilization? DeMonaco not trying in his film to answer this question. He simply blunt, brutal way, through the image, it gives us a clear warning.

Probably many viewers shrugged and finds that it is only fiction.

I, however, during the session of the film sometimes felt goose-bumps at the thought that such events could occur in real life. The film is really brutal, and the creators are not afraid to show the savagery dormant in all of us. Let us hope that the vision shown in the image DeMonaco, will never have to translate into reality.

The film itself is in fact a kind of warning and frightening caricature of the ruling elites, in which, fortunately, there will always be a root of goodness. "Time selection" is in my opinion really good culmination of the trilogy that began in 2013, and by the way suspense thriller. Flavor entirely on the end of the session following the track I'm afraid of the Americans, the work of David Bowie. .