Car Sound Systems That Will Blow You Away

    Mohammad Cravey

    While buying a new automobile, aspects we consider before buying comprise fuel efficiency, security features and drivability. For a lot of us however, the quality of the car sound systems which we examine is just as significant. Listening to music while we drive is soothing for a few and liberating for many others, as it requires the boredom out of traffic jams and never ending highways. Here we take a look at some of the autoradio audi a3 very high tech (and expensive) audio systems and match them to their both prestigious automobiles.

    Car sound systems have been rated on the quality of the audio in addition to their capacity to impress. Some of the very highly regarded motor vehicles on earth have the audio systems to match. Their remarkable abilities relate to the quality and range of the sound as well as their easy access and extensive features.

    With this sound system, you can listen to the car before you view it. Some of its specs comprise a total of 19 speakers, a total harmonic distortion of less that 0.1 % and 450 Watts. One of the systems highlights is the fact that it has a phenomenal range of 20 to 20,000 Hz - over the hearing range of a few people.

    A car that reigns supreme with among the most advanced and exciting automobile sound systems would be the Audi A8. This sleek vehicle has all the bells and whistles along with its car sound system is among its highlights. Developed by the famous Bang and Olufson, this completes the executive package.

    The automobile sound system consists of 14 car speakers which include a generous 12 inch subwoofer, with its own car amplifiers. This system is not just a pretty face, as its autoradio passat generates close to 1,100 Watts. It is, but also about showing off, and the Audi doesn't disappoint with its own acoustic speakers which expand and retract as you twist your tunes.