Naruto Episode Guide Naruto Shippuuden 125

Naruto Shippuuden incident 125 starts with the end clip of incident 124. Deidara detonates himself and in try to kill Sasuke. The burst is designed to wipe everything out in a very large radius and could be observed from a very long distance. Naruto's team sequences the explosion in miracle, while Sasuke's team watches in dismay, realizing that the explosion was close to their rendezvous point. In panic that Sasuke might have been killed, Karin tests for Naruto Ger Sub indications the way his chakra. There are none. Presumably, Deidara, Sasuke, and Tobi have been annihilated in the blast.

News gets to Akatsuki of those three deaths. There is a succinct look of shock on Itachi's face when he hears the news of his brother's departure. Another Akatsuki members appear divided on whether to mourn Deidara or even Tobi.

Just when you think that Sasuke might truly be dead, then he reemerges via a summoning spell. Cut up and bruised, he was able to conceal himself inside Manda and utilize a transportation jutsu to avoid being blow to bits. Either way, Sasuke is severely injured and is required to rest in the city.

It doesn't take long until Naruto and his staff work out the outcome of Sasuke's struggle with Deidara and are hot on Sasuke's path again. Meanwhile, the devotion of Team Eagle shines through as they prove their devotion to Sasuke. Jugo nurtures Sasuke back to help while Seigetsu and Karin argue. They may not like each other, but one refuses to leave Sasuke's side.

Itachi takes a moment of silence in the rain and it appears like for a moment he's mourning Sasuke, however, his senses are Naruto Stream strong and that he reasserts that Sasuke is still alive. We finally get a better look at Pein, and also a new unknown Akatsuki manhood by his side. It appears that Sasuke killing Itachi is precisely what Akatsuki has intended all along. The final surprise twist of this episode reveals Tobi alive and well, and his true identy is revealed as Madara Uchiha. Who'd have thought?