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Paul Cottle Construction in Portland Can Make Your Kitchen a Joy to Work In

The Portland remodeling contractor works with clients at every step of the renovation process to help them create their dream kitchen.

Portland, OR - April 20, 2019 - Paul Cottle and his team at Paul Cottle Construction help clients transform their kitchens to best suit their needs and lifestyle.

Kitchen remodels can be exciting, giving homeowners the opportunity to select a style and layout that will make their kitchen a joy to work in. The Portland remodeling contractor works with them at every step of the process, from developing the initial design to putting on the finishing touches.

Remodeling teams help clients combine style and functionality to achieve the look they want while making the most of available space. Installing an island, for example, can give the kitchen a modern appearance and add room for meal-prep. Homeowners can also choose the type of cabinetry that's right for them, while maximizing storage space, reducing countertop clutter. People who spend a lot of time cooking and baking may prefer a double oven instead of the more conventional variety.

Additionally, Paul Cottle assists clients in selecting appropriate materials for kitchen remodels. Those looking for something especially low-maintenance may opt for granite countertops over marble. While both natural elements give kitchens a classy look, granite is easier to clean and doesn't require as much upkeep. Likewise, there are many options to choose from when considering the right type of flooring. Solid hardwood floors require more maintenance but hold their value better than engineered wood flooring. Parquet floors may be the best choice for a more decorative look.

The remodeling contractor can take care of lighting, plumbing, and installation, too. Home-improvement teams combine old-world craftsmanship with the latest technology to create an accurate rendering of the project before work gets underway, so customers can see exactly how it will look.

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