Back In Line Chiropractic in Dallas GA Makes Spinal Decompression Therapy Simple

Back In Line Chiropractic provides spinal decompression therapy as a drug-free, non-invasive alternative to prescription painkillers and potentially risky surgery.

Dallas, GA - April 20, 2019 - Dr. LaDonna Bense, DC, and her staff of wellness professionals at Back In Line Chiropractic provide spinal decompression therapy to alleviate back pain safely and effectively.

When spinal discs become compressed, the soft material between them is pushed out of the space it normally occupies, crowding surrounding nerves and causing intense pain. To alleviate it, conventional doctors often resort to prescribing powerful medications, which only mask the symptoms, can become habit-forming, and come with unwanted side effects. Surgery is another option, but it is not always effective and requires patients to endure long recovery times.

Disc decompression addresses the underlying causes of back pain to provide long-lasting relief. To ease pressure on compressed discs, the patient lies on a motorized, computer-controlled table that alternately stretches and relaxes the back, placing negative pressure on each disc. The technique allows disc material to move back into its proper place so that nearby nerves are no longer crowded. At the same time, water and restorative nutrients are delivered to the discs, stimulating the recovery process. Sessions usually last 30--45 minutes, and chiropractors usually recommend 20--28 appointments spread out over 5--7 weeks. Other modalities, such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound and hot or cold therapy, are often provided in conjunction with spinal decompression to minimize pain and optimize spinal health.

Decompression therapy has been shown to be effective in alleviating bulging or herniated discs, injured spinal nerve roots, degenerative disc diseases, and posterior facet syndrome (worn spinal joints). It can also reduce the pain, numbness and tingling associated with sciatica.

Back In Line Chiropractic makes decompression therapy readily available to patients seeking natural solutions for back pain, neck pain and related conditions. To learn more about spinal decompression, visit or contact the clinic:

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