Fix the marriage

Let's start by referring to one of the advantages you'll enjoy because of the months and years which have passed since your beginning breakup.

Keep in mind that the phrase, "time heals all wounds"? Well, that saying is definitely true, at least to a certain extent.

While time might not heal each of the detrimental memories and hostile feelings that your chosen ex should still harbor - most especially if your relationship ended due to cheating, infidelity, or any other major events that rock the main of one's mutual trust - it usually does an excellent job of helping your partner ignore the more negative aspects of the time period you shared together.

What else is nice about time apart? Well, one or both of you may have dated other individuals since the breakup, supplying you with opportunity to reconsider and and maybe appreciate the relationship you had along with your ex. You've also probably missed him or her… and, similarly, your ex lover has probably missed you (at least to some extent).

So, that's the great news. The bad news, unfortunately, is that time can also be your enemy… counting on how long it's been since the breakup, it's always fairly likely that your partner has located someone new and easily isn't going to respond to your attempts to reconnect. So, while I definitely think there's often a very good chance at attaining your ex back even if its been annually or longer since the split, you need to be ready for the possibility that things simply won't ever decide, regardless how hard you try.

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Re-Establishing Contact With Your Ex

Reckoning on how you dumped, and who initiated the end of the connection, re-establishing communication with your ex partner may be a bit challenging.

If it was you who got dumped, contacting your ex should really being more easy than whether it were another option around. Presumably, with most months having passed since the breakup, it's unlikely that your ex will question your motives. You need to make an amicable phone call for your ex without arousing any suspicion. In the event you're going to call or message your ex lover seemingly unprovoked, it's best to experience a legitimate reason for text (ie. ask an issue, suggest a movie, etc) so that they don't wonder why you're suddenly desirous to talk again.

How To Handle The In-Person "Date"

Whenever you finally do reach the meeting with your ex girlfriend, there's quick and easy things that you should remember…

Attempt not to become overly nervous. Be casual and try to become calm and funky as possible. Try to avoid get emotional. That you should have been apart for a month or two that it won't be a difficulty, but if you are willing to're vulnerable to tears and emotional outbreaks, try your best to maintain these in order when you're together with your ex.

And Finally, Sex

The objective of in-person meeting(s) with your ex girlfriend is twofold:

1) To snag them to think about you all over to foster some nostalgia in the back of their mind; and

2) To set the stage for physical romance.

Ultimately, sex and physical contact is the thing that differentiates friendship develops from a partnership, so it's essential that you move towards this eventual goal. It's tempting to just enjoy take it easy together after which allow up to are in the ‘friend zone', particularly if your ex partner isn't looking to get back together with you (yet).

So, while you you can't bring your ex partner back to your house and into bed after just one meeting, that should still be extended goal. Go on to ramp up your flirting, drop more innuendos, and reference past sexual encounters with your ex girlfriend/boyfriend until he or she gets the answer and accepts your advances.

And when you have finally win back your ex lover's heart, make sure you get things right this period of time… hopefully you'll will need to go through another breakup!