HIFU As a Prostate Cancer Remedy Alternative

    Klemmensen McCann
    By Klemmensen McCann

    Cancer of prostate will be the leading cancer among men in America. Regular prostate screenings are essential for men 50 plus years, since increasing age means increasing chance of contracting prostate type of cancer. Over 80% of men much older than 80 is certain to get prostate type of cancer. The good thing is that cure rates to the initial phases of cancer of the prostate are all the way to 90%.

    Men seeking strategy for prostate cancer have several alternatives. One of the newest treatments becoming popular is HIFU - High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. The procedure is done by urologists with an out-patient basis employing a computer controlled device. Because the prostate is found in front with the rectum, a rectal probe is inserted and energy ultrasound surf is focused through the rectal wall to the targeted prostate area. Using computer imaging techniques, the ultrasound waves are delivered with pinpoint accuracy, and the process is repeated until all of the cancerous tissue is destroyed.


    HIFU has gained in popularity in the past because research and results continue to prove its usefulness and results. HIFU has experienced comparable rates of success up to the more invasive surgery and radiation, however with fewer unwanted side effects and down-time. Younger men, 50-80, in particular, want to stay away from the unwanted effects of incontinence and impotency that often be a consequence of nerve damage to surrounding tissues and organs which occurs with radical prostatectomies. The Ablatherm HIFU treatment carries a similar success rate to prostate surgery, but it really has the benefit from using non-invasive technology.

    HIFU may be popular in Europe for more than Many years. The operation is out of stock in the us, but Americans really have the option to attend Toronto, Canada to obtain treated from the first Us clinic to perform the task. The Maple Leaf HIFU clinic has performed more procedures than another Us HIFU clinic and is staffed by specially trained Urologists. Based in the Cleveland Clinic Canada in downtown Toronto, they've got successfully performed over 700 procedures since they opened in 2005.

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