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This idea is a part of an extensive project with the goal to create a technological center where every innovative company can find the right space for creating partnerships and new business opportunities.

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We create different immersive environments by combining amazing 3D content with revolutionary technology. Experience augmented and virtual reality in new ways. See, hear, feel perceptual stimuli surrounding you. Embrace new dimensions of advanced computer graphics and interact with synchronized streams of light, sound and vibrations.


Wearable Computing and Smart Personal Assistant join together on Smart Glasses Talens to move to a new era of Smart Mobile Interactions. Our aim is pervasive connections, smartness, low impact of information accessibility.Incorporating wearables into the work environment is revolutionizing the hands-on workforce.


Ridurre gli sprechi per aumentare la redditività dei processi di lavoro One Ergo Maint Move Queste sono le suite del sistema LinUp. Scopri in cosa consiste E approfitta dei nostri plus.


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