What Is Labour Hire

The function from the agency is to recruit and choose the staff for clients' roles, and importantly, to maintain a pool of available workers to the various assignments that might arise from day to day. The business is just not a vast amount of use to their clients whenever they don't have appropriate staff when asked. Labour hire is really a convenient selection for companies who want staff, such as the wish to (or can't) hire directly. Australia wide in 2002, there have been over 230,000 labour hire workers based on the Australian Productivity Commission, which number is continuing to trend upwards. For a have a look at why countless companies are using agencies, look into the benefits listed below.

1) Flexibility - if your new shipment of stock arrives, there are far more staff positioned on call to cope with it. Similarly, a small company thinks comfortable tendering or quoting to get a big contract, since they know they could access staff to back them up in case they win the documents.


2) Non-commitment - many industries are seasonal, requiring a more substantial workforce during some times of the year, and less workers during maybe. While on an agency, companies can readily increase or decrease their staff levels as needed.

3) Once off assignments are OK - if the cleaners a contract to execute a major clean over a cruiseship that docked in town only once annually, they could easily have the right a higher level staff for the position almost overnight, whereas it would not what you need to hire countless staff for the whole year just waiting for the ship to arrive.

4) Outsourced HR - companies can spend hundreds of hours advertising, interviewing, checking backgrounds, checking references, and making selections - and then must do this 2-3 weeks in the future if the employee doesn't work out. Using a agency, this no more will be the problem in the company; instead it's handled through the agency entirely.

5) Outsourced payroll and admin - interpreting awards, calculating timesheets, giving an answer to staff enquiries, and processing payroll are tasks that consume substantial durations. When an employer chooses to engage staff using an agency, these characteristics are common performed externally, detaching the administrative burden from in-house staff.

The term labour hire is especially an Australian term - in other countries it's name is staffing or manpower, along with the companies who supply the service are known as manpower agencies or staffing agencies.

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