The Total Guide to China Scholarships 2019

There are actually three main scholarships in China: 1) Chinese Government Scholarship; 2) Neighborhood Government Scholarship (city or province) and three) Confucius Institute Scholarship.

Application Period and Notification of Getting Scholarship

For Chinese Government Scholarship, you may apply from early January to early April of annually. You'll want to verify with the Chinese Embassy (Consulate Common) within your dwelling country regarding details covering the application period and significant procedures. Notification: about May and June, some applicants may possibly obtain notification as late as July and August.

For Neighborhood Government Scholarship: Every single with the local government scholarship has its own particulars. Application is open all year round for a few of them. Notification: from May perhaps to September.

For Confucius Institute Scholarship, application is open all year round. Scholarship outcome needs to be announced inside 45 operating days following the application components are confirmed.

Two Approaches to Study in China on Scholarship

Get a Full Scholarship

Every person desires to obtain a full ride scholarship. Chinese Government Scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, living expenses and insurance coverage for the whole duration of study. Confucius Institute Scholarship is as excellent as Chinese Government Scholarship. Nevertheless, it truly is restricted to Chinese study. Should you are arranging to study in other majors such as enterprise, engineering and science, this scholarship is not for you personally.

Some students assume the ideal approach to get the full scholarship is applying to as several universities as you can in Chinese Government Scholarship. We don’t feel that is the proper approach to do it. You don’t know which university and main you are able to be accepted or irrespective of whether you are able to get the csc online application form or not until you obtain the notification. Some students find out they can’t get the scholarship in July.

If you would like to have a complete scholarship, the very best approach to do is focusing on a single or two universities that you possess a much better possibility to become accepted. If you take your application very seriously and can enroll in the university after receiving the scholarship, it’s extra likely that the university admissions officer will likely be far more prepared to help you. You'll find other scholarships you'll be able to apply for for instance scholarships provided by neighborhood government, university and enterprise. In a lot of situations, you can nevertheless get yet another complete scholarship even when you can not get the Chinese Government Scholarship.

Decide on the proper University

You must look at irrespective of whether the university you apply for is useful for the future career or not. Most regional universities in China don’t accept transfer applications. It’s not easy to transfer in the event you do not just like the university immediately after you arrive in China. If spending budget allowed, it is best to select the university 1st, then endeavor to get the best available scholarship. Some scholarships provided by nearby government, university and enterprise may perhaps not be as great as Chinese Government Scholarship. They may cover complete or partial tuition only.

Normally speaking, it is actually additional difficult to get the scholarship in universities that international students are happy with the high quality of your education they acquire in bachelor or master degree plan. As you may picture, you are going to must compete with lots of students with great grades for scholarship application. A university with high ranking or very good Chinese language program doesn't necessarily imply they could present a good learning environment for international students in bachelor or master system. Students should try to get tips from specialists or people today who have currently performed the program.

Actions for finding Chinese Government Scholarship

In most situations, Chinese Embassy or Consulate Common may be the dispatching authority in your residence nation. Embassy of each nation has its personal particular application details and deadline. Info may be updated every single year. You should very first make contact with the Chinese Embassy.


1) Submit your application to Chinese Embassy.

2) Immediately after reviewing all application documents, China Embassy will situation the award letter to certified candidate for Chinese Government Scholarship (applicant who is not around the list of candidates is not going to get noticed).

3) Get in touch with with universities in China that you just desire to apply for using the award letter. Pre-admission letter will likely be issued. Submit your pre-admission letter to Chinese Embassy.

Note: The pre-admission letter from a Chinese university is just not a needed application material. Applications enclosed with all the pre-admission letter will probably be sent straight to the host universities for placement confirmation. Applications devoid of the pre-admission letter might be sent to universities to go through admission process. For applicants with no the pre-admission letter, Chinese Scholarship Council cannot assure the host university are going to be certainly one of the preferences of institution, since the capacity of your universities as well as the eligibility from the applicants will also be regarded.

4) Chinese Embassy will send all applications to Chinese Scholarship Council for final overview.

5) Wait for notification of receiving scholarship.

Important points you should know

1) You do not know your possibility of finding the scholarship. Nobody can assure that you will get the scholarship. However, you are able to increase your opportunity by applying to less competitive universities or certain majors.

2) Students can nonetheless get the Chinese Government Scholarship without the award letter to certified candidate for Chinese Government Scholarship and pre-admission letter. Some universities don’t deliver pre-admission letter.

3) The award letter to certified candidate for Chinese Government Scholarship cannot assure that you just will csc online application form .

4) If the university which you desire to apply for provides pre-admission letter, you will need to get one particular. You will have no possibility to be accepted if you don’t get one particular.

5) Pre-admission letter is extremely straightforward to get in some universities.

6) You'll be able to nevertheless apply if you presently reside in China. You may need to send all application supplies to Chinese embassy within your house country.